Uncover Brazil’s Hidden Gems: 10 Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

Brazil is renowned for having some of the most beautiful places on the planet. From the Amazon rainforest to famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro, it’s a country rich in spectacular natural beauty. But many of Brazil’s most stunning destinations remain relatively unknown and unexplored by mass tourism. These hidden gems off the typical tourist trail include secluded beaches, remote villages, unspoiled islands, and national parks brimming with exotic wildlife.

As we shine the spotlight on the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil, prepare to discover natural wonders you never knew existed. Our curated list unveils the top scenic locales in this magnificent country – dazzling spots that should rank among the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil yet still retain their undiscovered allure.

10 Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

Beyond the gorgeous beaches of Rio and icons like Christ the Redeemer, few realize the untamed beauty waiting within Brazil’s vast and varied landscapes. Let us transport you to cascading waterfalls deep in the rainforest, labyrinths of sand dunes taller than buildings, and coral reefs teeming with sea life in every color. The only dilemma will be selecting which of the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil tops your travel bucket list.

So stay tuned and let us reveal these hidden gems of the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil that will make you fall in love with Brazil. We guarantee each entry on this list will kindle your inner wanderlust and have you envisioning the Brazilian vacation of your dreams.

List of 10 Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

  1. Trancoso
  2. Fernando de Noronha
  3. Praia do Rosa
  4. Bonito
  5. Sao Paulo’s Island Getaways
  6. Paraty
  7. Chapada Diamantina National Park
  8. Maragogi
  9. Alter do Chao
  10. Jericoacoara

Trancoso – Chic Beach Village Tucked Away on Southern Shoreline

The once-sleepy fishing village of Trancoso has blossomed into a tropical paradise and hideaway for the rich and famous. Though luxury tourism has been on the rise, Trancoso retains its laidback charm and historic architecture built right into the lush landscape itself. The tiny town sits perched on a grassy cliff overlooking the southern Atlantic shoreline below in Bahia state.

Brightly colored postcard colonial homes built centuries ago now house trendy art galleries, shops, and restaurants that fill the tree-lined “Quadrado”, or town square. Meandering the cobblestone streets dotted with vibrant flowers and towering palms transports you to another world. But the true magic lies on the pristine beaches and secret coves waiting below the cliffside. Thus making Trancoso one of the most beautiful places in Brazil which is yet to be explored by mass tourists.

Trancoso - Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

A short walk south down the bluffs brings you to tranquility at a near-empty shore surrounded by palm trees gently blowing in the wind. Here you can dip your toes in the calm emerald waters without another soul in sight. The beach remains devoid of large resorts due to preservation efforts and protected natural areas bordering the coast making it one of the perfect tourist places in Brazil.

Days at this tropical beach town pass in solitude and simplicity, almost lost in another time. Sip fresh coconuts in chic open-air restaurants tucked between the giant fronds of jungle palms along the sparkling azure shoreline. At night, throw a blanket in the soft beach sand stargazing as gentle waves lap at your toes. Trancoso tops the list as one of the most beautiful places in Brazil.

Fernando de Noronha – Pristine Archipelago Emerging from the Sea

350 km off the northeastern tip of Brazil lies the irresistible Fernando de Noronha islands in the Atlantic. The archipelago first reveals itself emerging from the endless expanse of sea, instantly transporting visitors to a naturalist’s tropical wonderland. With nearly 75% of the archipelago preserved for wildlife and conservation, the 21 pristine islands have a limited number of visitors allowed per year.

The lucky travelers who make it to these shores find themselves on some of Brazil’s most precious beaches in Pernambuco state. Soft white sand meets unique volcanic rock formations and neon-bright tide pools teeming with exotic fish. Outcrops just offshore host rare birds like the Noronha elaenia found nowhere else on Earth.

Fernando de Noronha - Best tourist place in Brazil

Endangered hawksbill sea turtles nest along the remote island beaches closed to the public for conservation. But visitors can snorkel crystal coves with manta rays gently gliding by through the bathwater sea. Dolphins frequently ride alongside boats on island-hopping tours for unforgettable encounters up close.

With an ecological treasure to protect, only 400 tourists stay overnight on the islands at one time. But the exclusive experience found in this naturalist’s playground makes Fernando de Noronha worth the effort for a nature lover’s trip of a lifetime. Fernando de Noronha islands take 2nd position on our list of the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil.

Praia do Rosa – Hip Surfers’ Paradise South of Florianópolis

Another chic coastal village popular with surfers and free spirits is the bohemian gem of Praia do Rosa, six hours south of Florianópolis. With a stunning natural setting between jungle-covered hills and a pristine cove, Rosa first emerged as a secret hippie enclave decades ago. Though tourists eventually discovered the boho beach town over the years, it retains much of its alternative character today.

Heavy waves pounding the shore have made Praia do Rosa famous for pro surfing competitions since the 80s. Tourists and hip locals now flock to ride the epic breaks or soak in the laid-back ambiance of this tropical paradise. A string of relaxed outdoor bars along the beach has made it a popular backpacker destination for world travelers seeking fun vibes by the beach.

Praia do Rosa - 3rd Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

But venture outside town to discover what makes Praia do Rosa such a breathtaking locale. Towering coastal cliffs hoisting emerald jungle soar high above the driftwood-scattered shore and foaming crest of the sea. Seemingly bottomless waterfalls cascade over the vertical cliffs to secluded coves waiting at the base to be explored.

Praia do Rosa also borders preserved parks with pristine hiking trails winding through lush forests overlooking the sea. From natural water slides to hidden caves, outdoor adventures beyond the famous waves satisfy those seeking unspoiled nature. The hippie spirit and alternative vibe in this stunning natural setting continue attracting free-spirited travelers to relax at the edge of Brazil’s wild coastline. Praia do Rosa takes 3rd position on our list of the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil.

Bonito – Clear Freshwater Wonderland in the Pantanal

Number 4th on our list of the most beautiful places in Brazil is Bonito. In the western state of Mato Grosso do Sul near the famous Pantanal wetlands lies Brazil’s snorkeling and underwater adventure capital of Bonito. Though a small town, Bonito is surrounded by some of the planet’s most unique and pristine freshwater ecosystems in rivers and lakes renowned for unbelievable clarity and high visibility.

The high amounts of limestone in the area filter rainwater runoff into natural aquariums extending for miles. Bonito’s rivers like Rio Formoso and Da Prata are so clear locals drink straight from the source. But the magic reveals itself below the surface in an underwater fairyland where snorkelers float entranced for hours.

Bonito - Clear Freshwater Wonderland in the Pantanal in Brazil

Bright tropical fish in every color dart over submerged trees, vegetation, and odd rock formations well visible at depths up to 16 meters. Some areas known as “natural aquariums” create the surreal effect of air bubbles being trapped underwater for snorkelers to swim inside. But venture beyond the famous rivers to lakes scattered throughout the lush rainforest-like Lagoa Misteriosa.

Only recently opened to tourism, the “Mysterious Lagoon” offers electric green waters so clear it feels like flying over an emerald forest from above. Scuba divers and snorkelers lucky enough to visit this unspoiled region are transformed by the power of the living jungle visible for 100 feet straight down. For freshwater found wonders in Brazil, Bonito guarantees the experience of a lifetime. Making it one of the best tourist places in Brazil.

Sao Paulo’s Island Getaways – Boating & Island Hopping in Paradise

Tourists visiting the urban sprawl of Sao Paulo rarely realize that just an hour’s drive south nestles over 100 islands in a protected bay area. The archipelago zone has become a popular boating and island-hopping getaway for city dwellers on weekends and travelers looking to escape chaotic city life.

Ilha Bela is the only town in the region, situated on the largest island covered in rainforest with small sandy coves tucked between rocky bluffs. Visitors often base themselves here for access to lesser-known islands, many completely uninhabited with perfect palm-lined.

Sao Paulo’s Island Getaways ( best tourist places in Brazil)

For island hoppers willing to hire experienced captains, Ilha Anchieta lies farther out in the archipelago, a former high-security prison turned paradise worthy of a full day’s exploring. The extensive 16th-century buildings and fortified ramparts now lie in various states of ruin reclaimed by the jungle full of monkeys. But an easy hike brings you to some of the few golden sandy beaches found in Brazil leading into calm warm waters colored bright blue.

Snorkelers frequent shores near the old prison docks for encounters with groupers, stingrays, and even sea turtles attracted to the area. With endless islands to discover and hidden coves only accessible by boat, the archipelagos off Sao Paulo’s coast guarantee stunning vistas around every bend for nature lovers seeking to unwind surrounded by beautiful warm waters. With all this beauty Sao Paulo’s island gateways take number 5th position on our list of the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil.

Paraty – Historic Seaside Village & Island Getaway

On our journey to the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil, we came across our favorite destination i.e. Paraty. Four hours south of Rio de Janeiro lies the pristine bay of Paraty, home to 65 islands and hundreds of secluded beaches tucked away down jungle-covered cliffs and accessible largely by boat. The quaint colonial town established as a Portuguese fort in the 1500s centers around vibrantly colored historic buildings, now converted into cozy pousadas, trendy shops, and restaurants.

Cobblestone streets built for horses and carts weave between pastel residences overflowing with bright flowers and palms. But beyond the historic port town, a boat ride opens endless options for castaway island adventures with towering jungle rainforest transitions quickly to white sand coves as you hop between islands.

Paraty - The Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

Ilha do Araujo lies just 15 minutes via ferry but feels like an isolated tropical paradise. Seemingly right out of the 18th century, two tiny colonial villages harbor only a few hundred residents on the island’s west-end beaches. Further east, Araujo’s pristine and untouched beaches sit perfectly empty and peacefully quiet making it the best tourist place in Brazil.

Snorkelers frequent Ilha Araújo’s San Gregorio point, where low tides reveal secluded tide pools full of colorful tropical fish and spiny sea urchins. Chosen by Portugal’s King to fortify and protect Brazil’s southern Gold Route and its riches, Paraty now shares its preserved historic and island treasures with visitors looking to unwind in Brazil’s most beautiful settings.

Chapada Diamantina National Park – Cliffside Waterfalls & Quartz Rock Formations

In the interior state of Bahia, a highland plateau region called Chapada Diamantina emerges abruptly from the surrounding lowlands. The mist-covered cliffs and odd rock formations resemble castles and cathedrals dating over 500 million years old to when Africa, Brazil, and South America were still joined.

Thick jungle now grows over the eroding sandstone terrain sheltering waterfalls, hidden rivers, and scenic valleys throughout the 19,000 sq kilometers now protected as national parkland. Chapada Diamantina National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil yet it remains off the beaten track for most visitors.

Chapada Diamantina National Park’s- Best Tourist places

Lencois lies just outside the preserve with cozy posadas serving as the perfect base for exploring the park’s extensive network of hiking trails. One of the top scenic treks in the park follows the Rio Ribeirao upstream, pausing at dozens of waterfalls cascading down riverside cliffs that only flow following winter rains. Cavernas like the enormous Lapa Doce feature shimmering quartz and crystal rock formations deep underground – a geological wonderland confirming Chapada Diamantina as one of the most beautiful places in Brazil.

Visitors willing to brave steep descents dangle lines into 480-foot abysses within the caves, still among the deepest known freshwater cave rappels in the world. But it’s the sweeping views from atop Pai Inacio and other towering bluffs that showcase the wild jungle terrain seemingly continuing forever.

Chapada Diamantina National Park’s combination of scenic overlooks, extreme underground adventures, and towering sheer cliffsides make it a favorite off-the-beaten-path trekkers paradise for experiencing Brazil’s awe-inspiring natural wonders.

Maragogi – A Splash of Aquatic Life Makes It One of the Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

Alagoas state along Brazil’s upper northeast coast hides amazing islands, beaches, and oceanic wonders far off the mass tourism trail. But nowhere else in the country matches the underwater spectacle found in the sleepy village of Maragogi and its offshore coral gardens nurturing an unbelievable abundance of exotic sea life.

Maragogi is surely one of the most beautiful places in Brazil yet remains an unparalleled hidden gem perfect for snorkelers and nature lovers seeking aquatic adventures away from crowds. Sightings of the rare red-lipped Batfish or tree-like gorgonians surprise first-time snorkelers unaware of the diversity found just meters from Maragogi’s nearly deserted beaches, confirming its status as one of the most beautiful places in Brazil.

Maragogi - One of the Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

But Maragogi’s claim to fame is surreal natural swimming pools known as “gales” forming only centimeters deep at low tide among unique honeycomb-ridged sandstone seafloors. Waters heat to near-perfect temperatures under the tropical sun, allowing hours of relaxation staring downward at angelfish and puffers nibbling between your toes almost close enough to touch.

As one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, Maragogi harbors astonishing diversity just below the surface for snorkelers lucky enough to discover the aquatic treasures waiting here.

Alter do Chao – The Brazilian Amazon’s Stunning Pink Sand Beach Getaway

Overshadowed by Manaus and the central Amazon basin, the Tapajos River area nearer Brazil’s northeast border hides Santarem, considered the national gateway to the lower Amazon region. But 37 km south of the city’s river port, the calm waters of the Tapajos open into a broad shallow bay fringed with nearly 6 kilometers of radiant pink-hued sandy shoreline midway up one of the mightiest river’s many forest-lined tributaries.

The sleepy river village of Alter do Chao occupies the eastern tip of the bay, contrasting brightly painted single-story homes trimmed in tropical palms against the reflective pink beach. Even crowded public holidays still allow finding your deserted patch of soft sand perfect for swimming the mirror-flat waters with views across to dense jungle on all sides. Alter do Chao’s nickname as the Caribbean of the Amazon confirms its spot among the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil.

Alter do Chão - Most Beautiful Places in Brazil

As the sun dips low over the mighty Tapajos flooding the bay in golden light, another dreamy day in this remote paradise winds down. Watching the sunset over Alter do Chao beach reminds travelers that Brazil harbors breathtaking beauty in overlooked corners for those who venture outside the well-worn tourist route. Among the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil, Alter do Chão rewards intrepid travelers richly for exploring off-the-beaten-path, where nature’s diverse masterpieces are scattered across this magnificent country.

Jericoacoara – Remote Hipster Beach Village Among Massive Sand Dunes

The former fishing village of Jericoacoara lies hidden around a mountain cove along Ceará state’s northern coast, now only accessible via unpaved sandy tracks through the desert-like backcountry. Making the challenging journey fills first-time visitors’ eyes with the seemingly out-of-place sight of tropical coconut palms and vibrant village homes buried among an alien landscape of massive wind-swept ivory sand dunes. Jericoacoara is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Brazil yet remains blissfully untouched by mass tourism.

With postcard views in every direction, it’s no wonder Jericoacoara, or “Jeri” emerged from its isolated humble village roots as an international tourist destination. Picturesque beaches, calm lagoons, and azure waters confirm Jeri as one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, attracting travelers seeking adventure sports like kitesurfing, sandboarding, beach yoga, and dancing under the stars.

Jericoacoara - Best places in Brazil

But venturing out into the towering dunes showcases why this remote coastal village is considered one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, with endless ridges fading into seas of sand as far as the eye can see. As one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, Jericoacoara’s endless golden dunes come alive for catching big air during kitesurfing sessions off wind swells blasting down the remote coastline.

By protecting its hippie roots and keeping crowds away, Jeri remains one of the most beautiful places in Brazil with massive dunes blessedly free from traffic and noise.

Igniting Passion to Discover More of Brazil’s 10 Most Beautiful Places

As seen across the stunning destinations highlighted, Brazil harbors incredible beauty from tropical beaches to ancient geological wonders. Of the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil featured, tell us which spot tops your must-visit list and why its unique beauty calls to you.

We hope glimpsing these dazzling yet often overlooked parts of Brazil has ignited wanderlust dreams of your own exploration. Though famous cities and the Amazon Rainforest may steal the spotlight, hidden gems across Brazil’s varied landscape reward those who venture outside the well-worn tourist route. From kitesurfing remote dunes to snorkeling thriving reefs, discovering the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil transforms intrepid travelers through the power of nature.

The nation’s commitment to conservation protects vulnerable habitats so future generations can enjoy fragile environments and threatened species when responsibly visiting the 10 most beautiful places in Brazil. Have we convinced you to add one of these breathtaking destinations to your Brazil trip itinerary? Let us know how you plan to tread lightly when finally exploring these natural paradises in Brazil.

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